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EV in Multiway Pots
  FMLuser, Jul 27 2016

Using the formula EV=F(P)+C(%W*$W)-C(%L*$L) how can this be expanded to account for multiway split pots? Has any one come up with a solution for N numbers of players and multiple split pots?

I am thinking it can be as simple as:

Main Pot EV (EV vs Player 1) + (EV vs Player 2)
Side Pot EV (EV vs Player 2 for amount of Side Pot)
Total EV = Sum of Main Pot EV and Side Pot EV

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Challenging Math problems
  FMLuser, Jun 19 2016

I was able to solve the first 2 problems with some ease, However I am getting no where on the third and was hopping some fresh eyes from LP might be able to help

(a) Let a be a positive integer. What is gcd(a, 0)? Prove your answer is correct
using the definition of gcd.
(b) Evaluate gcd(0, 0). Is there only one possible value or many or none? Justify
your answer.
(c) Prove for integers a, b > 1, that 0 < (1/a)+(1/b)-(1/lcm(a,b)) < 1

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